Verizon Announces $20/Month Bill Increase For Few Remaining Unlimited Data Plan Customers

If you’ve been bragging to everyone you know that you’re still part of Verizon’s $29.99/month unlimited data plan, you might want to quiet down just a bit. That’s because the wireless provider is increasing your monthly bill by $20.

Verizon customers, who were grandfathered into the plan back in 2012, can expect to see their unlimited data portion of the bill increase to $49.99 starting on Nov. 15, CNNMoney reports.

Verizon says the price increase affects just 1% of its customer base.

When the wireless company stopped offering the unlimited data plan, it said anyone wishing to hold on to their unlimited status would have to pay full price for a new device.

Spokesman Chuck Hamby tells CNNMoney that the company will use the new revenue to reinvest in strengthening its cell phone network.

“You’re getting access to the Verizon network, and that’s where the real value lies,” he said.

Major wireless carriers have done away with unlimited data plans in recent years as customers have used their phones for data-gobbling tasks like steaming TV and playing games.

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