LG Unveils Super-Thin “Wallpaper” TV

People have been mounting TVs on the wall for nearly two decades, but LG has thrown down the gauntlet to the competition with a super-thin flexible panel TV that the company says sits nearly flush with the wall.

The new LG Oled W or “Wallpaper” TV — unveiled this morning at CES 2017 in Las Vegas — is only about 1/10″ thick, according to LG, and attaches to the wall via magnetic brackets.

Of course, in order to get that “one with the wall” look, the speakers have to be moved to an exterior unit that is connected via cable to the TV. That’s the bulky soundbar thing seen under the TV in the image above.

Additionally, because there is no room between the set and the wall, you’d have to run the cables through the wall.

Then again, if you’re splashing out money for a next-gen 4K HDR TV, you can probably afford to have someone do a proper installation job and run the cables for you.

In addition to the thin TV, LG is pushing its new “Nano Cell” technology for its TVs. The company claims that this proprietary tech — which involves an array of nanometer dots on the screen — absorbs excess backlight, giving the viewer more accurate colors and deeper blacks. LG says Nano Cell also prevents the typical color loss for viewers who aren’t looking at a TV screen head-on.

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