December Is Now The Usual Time To Start Selling Easter Candy

Image courtesy of Marie

Do you have a craving for Easter candy? Good news! You can start preparing for the holiday, which is on Apr. 16 in 2017, because Easter treats have been on store shelves for over a week now.

Reader Marie kicked off the festivities, sending this photo from her local Target in northern Virginia.



“Not only are the Valentine’s Day displays up and ready,” she writes, “but the Easter candy is getting put out too! Holiday Creep strikes earlier and earlier every time.”

That’s not quite true. Holiday Creep isn’t getting earlier: five years ago, a reader sent us a photo of the same display out at Safeway during the first week of December. Instead, retailers are doing us the great favor of waiting until the week of Christmas to put Easter candy out. They have to fill those endcaps and seasonal aisles with something.

At Targets everywhere, that means Easter candy.

A quick perusal of social media shows other grocery and big-box stores with their Easter candy out, too.

CVS made sure that customers had Easter treats for customers’ stockings on Dec. 22.

A Twitter user spotted Cadbury Creme Eggs and Reese’s peanut butter eggs in a cardboard display at Safeway on Dec. 21, observing that “it’s a little early.”

This isn’t just an American phenomenon, either: shoppers in the UK shared almost identical displays featuring their inferior Creme Eggs.

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