California Appeals Court Puts The Kibosh On Medical Marijuana Delivery App

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Californians who were hoping to summon medical marijuana to their homes with the tap of a smartphone app will have to find anther way to get their pot, after an appeals court upheld an injunction against a weed delivery app called NestDrop.

Back in 2014, the Los Angeles city attorney sued the makers of the app, alleging that NestDrop is a “flagrant attempt” to circumvent restrictions in Proposition D [PDF], the voter-approved law that limited the number of medical marijuana dispensaries in the city in 2013.

Now, a state appeals court has sided with a lower court judge’s decision to block the app, the Associated Press reports. A division of the 2nd District Court of Appeal said Monday that NestDrop violated Proposition D, which restricts medical marijuana facilities in the city.

The three-judge appellate panel said the law also generally prohibits marijuana deliveries by vehicle, which is integral to NestDrop’s service, and upheld the lower court’s decision to issue a preliminary injunction.

An attorney representing NestDrop says the appeals court didn’t give a good reason for why it rejected the company’s argument that Proposition D was pre-empted by the state vehicle code.

Appeals court upholds injunction against pot delivery app [Associated Press]

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