Ordering Takeout Doesn’t Mean The Driver Gets To Take Your Packages

Image courtesy of CBS Chicago

Getting packages stolen from your front doorstep is unpleasant, no matter who you are or what time of year it is, and knowing that you or a neighbor actually let the thief inside must be even worse. We buzz delivery people who are strangers in and give them get a kind of implicit trust, and one delivery driver in Chicago is accused of violating that trust by grabbing packages on his way out the door.

Unfortunately, we know this because there’s surveillance video of the man scooping up his own takeout (warning: auto-play video at that link) on his way out the door after a resident of the condo building had buzzed him in.

Who dispatched this driver? That’s where things get confusing. The customer had placed an order through Grubhub with a restaurant, which in turn had hired a site called Zoomer to handle its deliveries.

“I felt violated,” the customer who noticed the thefts after his grocery bags disappeared told CBS Chicago, “and then this guy walks out and takes all of our stuff.”

In a statement, Zoomer apologized and said that the driver was no longer working g for the platform. “This conduct is completely unacceptable and Zoomer intends to take all necessary and appropriate corrective actions.”

Maybe that will include reminding delivery drivers that customers’ homes are not an all-you-can-steal buffet. The victim in this case, meanwhile, reminded viewers that they should meet food delivery drivers at the door rather than buzzing them in and letting them wander the halls.

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