Your McDonald’s Could Soon Offer Touch-Screen Ordering & Table Service

Image courtesy of (Mike Mozart)

Last December, McDonald’s began showing a fancier side by testing table service at hundreds of locations in California. Now the company is rolling out its so-called “experience of the future” concept — which also includes touch-screen kiosk ordering but not all-you-can-eat fries — to all of its U.S. locations. 

The Chicago Tribune reports that the updates will first appear at locations in Chicago and other large cities, including Washington, D.C., and Boston before heading to smaller areas of the country.

CEO Steve Easterbrook says the concept isn’t meant to put a wedge between customers and employees, but instead to simplify the ordering process.

It also doesn’t hurt that by ordering at a kiosk customers can customize their meals, thus spending more per order.

The new system will provide the first significant revamp of McDonald’s infrastructure — outside of the company’s addition of all-day breakfast, which came with the need to add kitchen equipment.

The kiosks will likely resemble older phone banks, with computer screens lined up on one side of the restaurant. For customers who don’t want to order through the scenes, traditional counter service will still be available.

Under the kiosk ordering system, guests will place their order, take a bluetooth-enabled number placard to a table and an employee will bring their meals to them.

As with most changes that take place at McDonalds, the revamp will be funded in part by franchisees. Still, the final cost for the new system isn’t clear, with the Tribune suggesting that kiosks can cost up to $60,000 each.

Table service, touch-screen order kiosks coming to all U.S. McDonald’s [Chicago Tribune]

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