It’s Obviously Delightful When The “You’ve Got Mail” Guy Is Your Uber Driver

Image courtesy of AOL

There are few certainties in this world — we live, we die, that’s about it — but one thing is for sure: if the voice behind AOL’s “You’ve got mail!” greeting is your Uber driver, you’re gonna make him recite those famous words so you can post a video of it on the internet.

A Californian woman had settled into an Uber she hailed over the weekend in Shaker Heights, OH, when her driver, Elwood Edwards, informed her that he was kind of a big deal, at least to anyone who had email in the ’90s.

“I completely geek freaked and asked if he would do the video,” she told CNN.

He agreed, and she captured Edwards uttering those famous words, posting the result on Twitter.

“OMG OMG my @Uber driver in Ohio was the You’ve Got Mail voice Elwood Edwards!!! I made him say it in this video,” she wrote.

Edwards’ voice ended up as the email greeting because his wife worked for a company called Quantum Computer Services in the 1980s, CNN explains, which eventually became AOL. She heard the CEO say he wanted a voice to notify people when they received an email, so she told them about her husband the voice actor… and the rest was history, earning him just $200 for the voiceover.

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