You Can Now Check In Online For A Table At Olive Garden

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

Many restaurants already allow patrons to call ahead for seating as a way to avoid long waits when they walk through the door. While Olive Garden has never adhered to this option, the restaurant is now taking that idea and making it its own: allowing guests to check in on the web to save tables. 

The Orlando Sentinel reports that by the end of the week all 843 Olive Garden restaurants around the country will enable web check-in for patrons.

Through the system, which was previously being tested in Florida, customers visit the Olive Garden website or use its mobile app, find their location, and put their names on a wait list.

Restaurants currently offering the check-in option can be found on the company’s store locator page, with each location denoted with a “no wait” or estimated wait time.


Clicking “join wait list” prompts a pop-up asking for the customer’s name, phone number, and other information.

If customers don’t show up to the restaurant in time, the Sentinel reports they will be skipped over on the list and have to wait longer for their table.

“Guests can now plan their evenings before even stepping foot outside of their homes,” said Olive Garden spokeswoman Jessica Dinon told the Sentinel.

Olive Garden expands online check-in nationwide [Orlando Sentinel]

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