Olive Garden Adding Tablets For Ordering And Paying At All U.S. Restaurants

Because we’re all constantly staring at one screen or another, Olive Garden is giving customers the chance to skip talking to a real person when ordering and paying by adding new tablets added to all its restaurants’ tables.

The Darden Restaurants chain announced today that it’ll be installing Ziosk tablets at all of its roughly 800 U.S. restaurants by year’s end, reports the Associated Press, allowing patrons to order and pay by touch screen.

The chain started using the devices at some restaurants already last year, and says that those locations have had faster dining times and upped tip percentages for wait staff (just wait until the computers start bringing out the food…).

“We’ve been focused on improving the dining experience at every touch point, and we’re excited to give our guests the ability to customize their visit by leveraging the technology of Ziosk’s tabletop tablets,” Dave George, Olive Garden president, said in a statement.

Let’s hope people are wiping off the Alfredo sauce first, am I right?

Olive Garden adds tablets to tables at all U.S. restaurants [Associated Press]

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