Philly Fast-Food Workers Fired After Gross Confessions On Facebook Live

Image courtesy of NBC 10

After a Facebook Live video posted over the weekend showed workers at a Philadelphia Checkers restaurant smoking cigarettes in the kitchen and talking about having sex with customers went viral, the company says those employees will lose their jobs.

In the 44-minute video, one worker says his fellow employees have had sex with customers, NBC 10 [warning: link contains autoplay video] reports. At one point he lights up a cigarette in the kitchen, and talks about how he sometimes handles food without gloves, threatens to spit in food, and discusses “washing the floor with burger buns.”

A Checkers spokesperson said in a statement that those in the video would be fired, and the restaurant would be sanitized and reinspected by the health department.

“The behavior of these employees does not meet our high standards for food preparation and guest service, and does not represent the thousands of Checkers employees who do an outstanding job every day,” the spokesperson told NBC 10. “As soon as we became aware of the post, we immediately contacted the franchisee, who proactively closed the restaurant late last night. The employees involved will be terminated, the restaurant will be fully sanitized and re-inspected before it reopens, and all of the team members will be fully retrained.”

One of the employees who lost his job, and the one who speaks most often in the video, said it was just a publicity stunt: he’s a comedian and hip hop artist who worked at Checkers for just a few months. He says he was trying to promote his music, and that nothing he said in the video was actually happening. He claims he deleted the video, but someone else got their hands on it and posted it.

“I wouldn’t do that to my community,” he said. “Now a lot of people don’t have jobs because of me and I feel bad. Because it was all a joke.

Philly Fast Food Restaurant Employees Talk About Having Sex With Customers, Describe Unsanitary Acts in Viral Video [NBC 10]

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