Galaxy Note 7 Owners Unhappy With Samsung’s Handling Of Global Recall

Image courtesy of Reddit

One of the early victims of an exploding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 said that the company offered to cover his expenses, including damage to the hotel room he was staying in at the time his phone caught fire. Now that the phone has been officially recalled and Samsung is in crisis, customers report that Samsung hasn’t handled customers whose phones have actually caught fire very well.

The Guardian US spoke to multiple fire victims who have remarkably similar stories. They who say that Samsung has been uninterested in helping customers whose homes were damaged or left uninhabitable by fires started by exploding phones, and that the company has made it clear that getting the phones back was its first priority.

That’s understandable, especially since Samsung reportedly still isn’t 100% sure what has caused the explosions, but it means leaving customers with thousands of dollars’ worth of damage to their homes hanging if they won’t give their phones back.

“[Samsung was] only interested in retrieving the phone,” one customer whose nightstand was damaged and home filled with smoke told the Guardian. “Once I told them I was giving the phone to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), they went dark.”

Samsung owners furious as company resists paying up for Note 7 fire damage

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