Shazam Now Shows Music Videos When You Scan Songs

We’ve likely all been there, jamming out in the car (from the passenger seat, of course) but unable to put our fingers on the song’s singer or the name of the tune itself. To ease your mind, you pull out your phone and open Shazam. Now, not only will you have all the relevant information about the song, you’ll also have a whole list of other tracks to listen to and watch. 

Shazam announced Thursday that it will introduce music videos to its song-identification app through a partnership with video tech company Vadio, Mashable reports.

Under the apps previous system, after a song was identified Shazam would provide information such as lyrics and links to outside music videos and ways to listen.

Now, instead of funneling listeners to services like Apple Music or Spotify to see those videos, Vadio will keep listeners in the app. Additionally, it will provide a list of related tunes to keep users inside the app longer.

If the service can’t find the official music video for a song, or a related tune, Vadio will pull a lyric video, live performance, or other form of video from the internet, Mashable reports.

The curated video lists can be crafted based on editors’ choices, trends, and advertisers.

Vadio CEO Bryce Clemmer tells Mashable that the service has already been used by about 30% of Shazam’s users and will now be rolled out to about 50% of users, with a full rollout coming in the next few weeks.

So far, the company says that users with access to the video lists have stayed inside the app for an average of four minutes. Previously, Clemmer says those same users would have scanned the song and gone to a different site like YouTube.

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