Yahoo Turned Off E-Mail Forwarding Just When People Might Want To Leave

Image courtesy of Douglas Woods

Whether it’s become of the breach of their account data, reports that the company built a tool for the U.S. government to monitor users’ e-mail, the pending sale (maybe) to Verizon, or because they’ve simply outgrown the service, a lot of users want to quit using Yahoo for their e-mail. Some of them already had quit, and then learned that automatically forwarding e-mail to a new address isn’t an option.

While Yahoo is an American company, its web mail users are all over the world, and the Associated Press interviewed users in multiple countries united by their common goal of ditching Yahoo Mail.

Going by the service’s help pages, the feature was working on July 28 of this year. One user in New Zealand who has had a Yahoo e-mail account for 18 years noted that the sudden disappearance of the ability to forward mail had some “extremely suspicious timing.” Users told the AP that the ability to forward e-mails for new users disappeared at the beginning of October.

Yahoo’s help pages say that the feature has been turned off for new forwarding addresses so the company can improve it. “While we work to improve it, we’ve temporarily disabled the ability to turn on Mail Forwarding for new forwarding addresses,” the current version of the page says.

Are you trying to quit Yahoo and having forwarding issues or another problem? Let us know: our mailbox is open.

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