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Yahoo Confirms Another Major Data Breach; More Than 1 Billion Users Affected

Remember how, just three months ago, Yahoo had to admit that data for more than 500 million of its users had been compromised in 2014? It seems ridiculous to refer to something that hit 500 million people as the “smaller” of anything, but it turns out that was only the second overwhelmingly huge data breach Yahoo suffered in recent years. This week, it’s admitting a previous, even larger intrusion that hit more than a billion — yes, with a B — user accounts. [More]


Report: Some Replacement Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Phones Still Too Hot To Handle

The Samsung Galaxy Note 7 was officially recalled about two weeks ago, because it has this way of potentially catching fire or exploding — both pretty horrible traits in a smartphone (or anything else, really). New, non-defective units are in, so owners have been swapping out their old phones and new consumers have been buying up the new ones, too. Except reports say those may not be quite right, either. [More]