Domino’s Customer Gets Year Of Free Pizza For Returning $5K She Found In Wings Box

Image courtesy of me and the sysop

No good deed goes unrewarded, or so they say, and if you’re lucky, that reward might just come in the form of free pizza. For a year.

A San Jose woman ordered chicken wings from Domino’s for lunch last week and got a side dish that she definitely didn’t ask for: $5,000 in cash, reports ABC 7.

She immediately called the Domino’s location she’d ordered from so she could return the cash… but no one called her back. That was pretty weird, she thought.

“Wouldn’t they be thinking, ‘Where did that money go?'” she asked.

Because she couldn’t get help from Domino’s, she called her local news station, and they were able to connect her with the franchise owner. She’s now getting free pizza for an entire year — and her manager at work also gave her the week off to repay her honesty.

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