Taco Bell Customers Find $3,600 In Drive-Thru Order, Choose To Not Blow Cash On 3,000 Tacos

You may be familiar with the joy of getting home and finding an extra order of french fries in your fast food bag, so imagine how rad it would be to find $3,600 cash stashed in your to-go bag.

That’s what happened to a trio of Taco Bell visitors in Kentwood, MI, who were miles away from the eatery when they realized that the cashier at the drive-thru had screwed up their order, by handing them a bag full of cash instead.

“It ended up being three bags of money,” says one of the customers. “A lot of money. And then like another wad of a ton of twenties.”

She says that they initially wanted to keep it but decided that returning it was the right thing to do (and maybe they’ve seen how movies like A Simple Plan, and Shallow Grave have turned out).

“You see a bunch of money and you’re like, ‘Let’s keep this, this’ll be awesome!'” added one of her fellow diners. “But then you’re like, ‘No, someone’s going to lose their job. Let’s bring this back.'”

“It’s not like we were losing anything by giving it back,” points out the third good Samaritan.

The group returned the money, which presumably was destined for the eatery’s safe or maybe a night-deposit at the bank.

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