Uber Driver Accused Of Creeping Around Outside Passengers’ Apartment

Another day, another story of an Uber driver going outside the bounds of a normal interaction with customers: police in St. Petersburg, FL say a man who uses the Uber platform was arrested for prowling outside the apartment of two female passengers he’d dropped off earlier.

The 40-year-old man allegedly dropped the young women off at about 5 a.m., an hour before a witness called to report hearing the suspect “in the back of the condo building tampering with the rear window of their apartment,” The Smoking Gun reports.

Witnesses say they saw him “walking back and forth” behind the building, in an area that’s not within public view or open to the public, and is secured by a six-foot fence. But when police caught up to him, the man claimed he was “checking on the females per their request due to their intoxication.” Not so, said one of the women, who told police that “none of them made that request.”

His story changed under questioning, the criminal complaint says, and in the end, he wasn’t able to convince the cops that he wasn’t doing anything wrong. He was arrested for loitering and prowling.

“We have zero tolerance for the type of behavior described,” an Uber spokesperson told Consumerist. “We have permanently removed this individual’s access to the platform.”

Uber Driver Arrested For 5 AM Creep Act [The Smoking Gun]

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