Uber Driver Accused Of Raping A Passenger In Atlanta

All too often we find ourselves writing about another occasion where an Uber driver is accused of assaulting a passenger, and here we are again, unfortunately: a woman in Atlanta says her driver sexually assaulted her after picking her up early Saturday morning.

Atlanta police are investigating the Uber driver in question after the victim reported that she’d been sexually assaulted and then left on the street, after being picked up after a night out on Saturday, WSB-TV reports.

The 20-year-old woman says she parted from her friends and got into the Uber she’d ordered. But instead of going home, she says she was taken to a park and raped. Police said the victim tried to fight back but couldn’t overcome her alleged attacker.

“I was trying to pull the lock up, get the door open, but I couldn’t get it fast enough,” the victim told the news station, saying she remembers feeling numb while calling 9-1-1.

An Uber spokeswoman told Consumerist that they’re investigating the matter and working with police, but don’t have more information at the moment.

Last week, a Charleston Uber driver was accused of kidnapping and raping a passenger who alleged that he had demanded sexual favors as payment for her trip. A few days later, an Uber driver in Boston was arrested after a 16-year-old accused him of raping her earlier this summer.

The week before that, we reported the story of an Uber driver in Dallas accused of following a female passenger into her home and sexually assaulting her — after he’d used a bogus, expired city permit to apply for his job with the ridesharing service. In that case, Uber admitted that it failed to follow procedure in hiring the driver.

Woman leaving Buckhead bar says Uber driver raped her [WSB-TV]

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