Did Apple Accidentally Upload Some iPhone 7 Info Early?

Image courtesy of Adam Fagen

You may have heard that Apple plans to unveil its latest version of the iPhone tomorrow, but it appears that someone working on the tech giant’s website may have jumped the gun a bit.

A Reddit user noticed the Apple website listed “iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus” on the accessories page for a brief time on Tuesday morning, 24 hours before the planned unveiling, Mashable reports.

The user says he was simply looking at headphones when he stumbled upon the iPhone 7 devices listed on the “iPhone Compatibility” menu on the side of the webpage.

An actual link to the webpage no longer features any trace of the iPhone 7 mention, but the user was able to grab a screenshot of the potential misstep by Apple.

Apple is set to announce the new iPhone versions during a press conference Wednesday, with the devices officially launching in mid-September.

Was the iPhone 7 just listed on Apple’s website? [Mashable]

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