Walmart Worker Turns Herself In To Police After Accepting $1,000 In Movie Prop Cash

When a movie or TV show needs stacks of cash for a scene, they don’t usually withdraw millions from the bank and hope no one walks away with it. Instead, they use prop money that will pass for the real thing on camera, but that any cashier with eyes would immediately notice is fake. So when some Walmart shoppers in Georgia managed to buy $1,000 of stuff with fake movie money, police were suspicious about the cashier’s involvement.

Police in Gwinnett County, GA, first heard of the movie prop money bandits — a man and a woman — earlier this month after they used ten fake $100 bills to purchase lawn equipment at a Walmart in the town of Buford. The scammers later returned their ill-gotten purchase at a different Walmart where they (presumably) received real cash in return.

The Walmart cashier who accepted the funny money in the first place came under suspicion after she failed to return to work following the incident.

Police say that the cashier knew the female scammer and had confronted her about money the scammer owed her before the male fraudster handed her the fake bills — clearly marked as for “Motion Picture Use Only” on both the front and the back.

The 19-year-old cashier turned herself in to authorities on Tuesday afternoon. She and the other pair face first-degree forgery charges, while the couple are expected to face additional charges of theft-by-deception.

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