Half-Finished Hollywood Target Stuck In Legal Limbo For Years

Image courtesy of Google Maps (May 2016)

For nearly two years, the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Western Ave. in Hollywood has been home to the shell of a partially finished, three-story Target store. Thanks to an ongoing legal back-and-forth between the city, neighborhood groups, and the retailer, it could be another three years before construction resumes.

The Los Angeles Times reports that while Target and the city came to an agreement on zoning issues for the future store, a neighborhood association has renewed its push to stop the development with a new lawsuit.

The ordeal began back in Aug. 2014, when construction on the shopping center was ordered to stop after a judge ruled the city improperly allowed the company to build a 74-foot-tall shopping center in a spot where such structures were supposed to stay within 35 feet.

While Target appealed that decision — later losing — it also worked with the city to change the zoning rules to allow the taller building.

The city agreed to the change, but the La Miranda Avenue Neighborhood Assn. of Hollywood filed another lawsuit in June challenging that decision.

The group claims the city pushed through the zoning change with a “sham environmental review process,” and accused the city of providing Target with improper permits, such as those allowing the retailer to sell alcohol.

“The new approvals are still so riddled with violations of the law that it just shocks the conscience,” Robert P. Silverstein, a lawyer representing the group, tells the Times.

Still, Target and its executives are hopeful that the project will pick up where it left off soon.

Target attorney Richard Schulman filed paperwork last month revealing that it plans to continue with construction, at its own risk, while the legal battle continues.

“Given the meritless nature of the next round of lawsuits, though, Target is willing to take that risk,” the company’s filing states, noting that the legal issues could continue for an additional three years.

A spokesperson for the company tells the Times that the retailer “remains committed” to opening the location.

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