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Despite Negative Feedback, Chipotle Says Queso Sales Are Doing Just Fine

When burrito chain Chipotle recently added queso dip to its menu, it seemed like the answer to many Chipotle fans’ prayers. But while the new cheesy dip made headlines, they weren’t necessarily good, with a number of early customers voicing their disappointment. However, Chipotle claims most people actually like the queso, and at the very least it’s not hurting sales. [More]

Mike Mozart

Target’s Efforts To Bring Customers Back Are Starting To Pay Off

For the last year or so, Target, America’s other national big-box discount store, has been struggling. Its leaders blamed falling sales on shoppers renovating their houses, on lower traffic to pharmacies after they were sold to CVS, and on customers’ general disinterest in shopping. In the last year, Target refocused on fundamentals instead of retail innovations, and that has paid off in more customer traffic and improved sales. [More]

Nicholas Eckhart

Consumer-Facing Companies Blame All Of Their Woes On Election

It’s all your fault. Yes, you, Mr. or Ms. Consumer, because you’re apparently preoccupied with the election instead of out shopping like a proper American should. How do we know this? Executives of publicly-traded companies keep getting on conference calls with analysts and journalists and saying so. [More]

Mall CEO’s Comment About Amazon Stores Not Meant To Represent Amazon’s Actual Plans

Mall CEO’s Comment About Amazon Stores Not Meant To Represent Amazon’s Actual Plans

Yesterday, everyone from book lovers to Barnes & Noble shareholders reacted to a tiny piece of news about Amazon during another company’s routine earnings call. The CEO of mall operator General Growth Properties told listeners that one factor affecting the future of mall traffic would be the 300 to 400 stores that Amazon plans to open in malls nationwide. “The what now?” everyone else on the call said. Now the company has walked back that comment. Sort of. [More]


KFC’s screwed-up grilled chicken promo doesn’t seem to have hurt the company after all; Yum CEO David Novak told investors and reporters this morning that it’s “the best product launch in our history” and has “changed the brand so much for the good.” People out there apparently really love the idea of KFC grilled chicken. [AdAge] (Thanks to R!)