NY Police Discover Meth Lab Underneath Walmart Parking Lot

Image courtesy of NBC 4

Unlike scientific laboratories, meth labs are always popping up where you least expect them, probably because they’re very illegal. For example, in a Walmart bathroom in Indiana, or more recently, nestled underneath a Walmart parking lot in New York.

Police in Amherst, NY say they found the suspected underground meth lab on Monday afternoon, NBC 4 reports. While shoppers shopped, two first responders in full hazmat gear headed into the lab through a manhole.

Police said officers on a routine patrol found the evidence in a culvert that runs below the parking lot, in a spot that’s tall enough to stand up in. There was nothing keeping anyone else from entering the area, officials said.

“We check in various areas that people who might be up to no good, might be using for no good,” a police captain told the news station of the force’s random preventative patrols. “We’ll talk to the proper authorities to figure out what we need to do to make sure that’s not accessible anymore.”

Police found a spray paint can, “various chemicals,” and a liquid they believe to be methamphetamine. No charges have been made yet.

One more time, with feeling: Breaking Bad is not real life. You are not Walter White, you are not Jesse Pinkman.

Underground meth lab found in Walmart parking lot [NBC 4]

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