Harris County Sheriff’s Office

Police Catch Suspects Trying, Failing To Cram $1M In Meth-Laced Candy Into Car

When Houston police showed up to investigate a report of a home burglary, they likely weren’t expecting to find two people attempting to flee the scene in a car overstuffed with 600 pounds of methamphetamine-laced lollipops. [More]


NY Police Discover Meth Lab Underneath Walmart Parking Lot

Unlike scientific laboratories, meth labs are always popping up where you least expect them, probably because they’re very illegal. For example, in a Walmart bathroom in Indiana, or more recently, nestled underneath a Walmart parking lot in New York. [More]


CVS Carding Customers To Make Sure You’re Removing Nail Polish And Not Making Meth

Shoppers are used to whipping out identification for buying booze and even allergy meds these days, but the next time your manicure needs a refresher, you might find yourself getting card at CVS for buying nail polish remover. The pharmacy chain has posted notices to customers in various locations on the East Coast that the company is trying to fight the meth cookers out there who would twist acetone to their illegal doings. [More]