Android Users Can Now Download Amazon Prime Videos Onto SD Cards

For those folks who might not be willing to shell out more money for more storage on their smartphone or other mobile device, it can be tough to watch videos without having to shuffle around other stuff to make room. Android users who are Amazon Prime customers will now be saved from that dance, as the tech company will now let them download Prime video content to removable SD memory cards.

In a bid to lure customers away from Netflix — which doesn’t allow users to store movies or shows offline, at least not yet — Amazon will let Android users download titles onto SD cards, which can be plugged into your phone, CNET reports. It’ll work for Prime content like Amazon’s original TV shows, as well as digital videos purchased from Amazon.

Customers can set the SD card as the default location for downloads, or simply change the item’s stored location after it’s downloaded, in their phone’s settings.

It’s only for Android users, because Apple’s devices don’t allow owners to slip in extra storage, CNET notes, and is availalbe to Amazon customers in the U.S., UK, Germany, Austria, and Japan.

Amazon first offered the download option to Prime customers on iOS and Android devices in the fall of 2015.

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