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Verizon Reportedly Paying $21M To Stream One NFL Game

A ticket to watch an NFL game in person can be expensive, but the price tag to air a game is even more outrageous: Verizon will reportedly pay $21 million to stream just one NFL game this fall. [More]

Android Users Can Now Download Amazon Prime Videos Onto SD Cards

Android Users Can Now Download Amazon Prime Videos Onto SD Cards

For those folks who might not be willing to shell out more money for more storage on their smartphone or other mobile device, it can be tough to watch videos without having to shuffle around other stuff to make room. Android users who are Amazon Prime customers will now be saved from that dance, as the tech company will now let them download Prime video content to removable SD memory cards. [More]

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Are Amazon’s Month-To-Month Prime Memberships Ever Worth The Extra Money?

Earlier this week, Amazon announced that it was making its Prime membership program — which includes access to the Prime library of streaming video and music, discounted and expedited shipping, and other benefits — available on a monthly basis in two different forms. Instead of the annual all-encompassing fee of $99 (which comes out to $8.25/month), shoppers have the option of either $8.99/month for Prime Video only, or $10.99/month for full access to the program. So does it ever make sense to go the monthly route or should Amazon shoppers just ante up for the annual subscription? [More]