This KFC Box Will Also (Slightly) Charge Your iPhone

Do you often have to make the decision between going out for fast food fried chicken and charging your phone? Thanks to this new-fangled box from KFC, you may never have to make the choice between greasy fingers and updating your Instagram.

That is, if you live in India and happen to go to one of the select KFCs providing these limited-edition Watt a Box boxes, that come complete with USB cords for both iOS and Android devices.

It’s basically just a box wrapped around one of those portable charging devices you can purchase at stores. However, whereas many of them will get your phone up to a respectable level of charge, BGR India’s test on their Watt a Box only got an iPhone 5S up to 17% — in 90 minutes. That’s a lot of time connected to a power bank, even if you remove it from the stinky chicken packaging.

Speaking of which BGR also tried to see what would happen if they charged up that Watt a Box power bank to 100% and then tried it on an Android phone. This test only got the phone up to 7%, so the Watt a Box is not exactly a powerhouse piece of food packaging.

Not like that KFC tray keyboard they unveiled in Germany last year

[via Design Taxi]

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