Google Simplifies Two-Factor Authentication With Built-In Prompt

Image courtesy of Great Beyond

For anything online to be secure these days, it’s essential to use two-factor authentication, whether it’s backup codes stored offline, an authenticator app, or codes sent via text message. Google is taking some of the work out of the process with a new prompt that’s built in for Android users but will also be available to iOS users in the near future.

Google announced its new prompt feature, which will roll out to Android phones in the next few days. On iOS, you’ll need to have the Google Search app downloaded.

Android users will see the prompt as pop-up system dialogue, asking if the person wants to verify a sign in attempt. On iOS, it’s likely that you’ll see a notification prompting you to open the Google app.


To enable two-factor authentication, head to My Account to see your options. While you can choose to use the Google Authenticator app, backup codes, or codes sent via text message, you can’t have both Google Prompt and a Security Key enabled at the same time.

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