Amazon Enables Two-Step Authentication To Give Users More Account Protection

Image courtesy of Alan Rappa

Amazon joined a growing number of tech, social media and retail companies aiming to ensure your personal information is as secure as possible today, by enabling two-factor authentication for user accounts. 

The Verge reports that Amazon, which can store customers’ credit card information, addresses and other personal data, recently added the extra layer of verification for those using its shopping service.

Two-factor authentication has long been utilized by consumers to protect a variety of online accounts like banks, email, Twitter, and others.

The idea behind the protection is to ensure that the person trying to access an account is the rightful owner. To do so, the company will require users to produce two methods of identification when logging in – typically your password and a time-sensitive code or PIN sent to an authenticated phone number or e-mail address in order to gain access to your account.

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To enable the feature on Amazon:
• click “Your Account” from the drop down menu under your name
• select “Change Account Settings”
• select “Advanced Account Settings”
• click “Get Started”
• choose how you’ll receive authentication codes – either via text message or through the authenticator app.
• after choosing the method you’ll be sent a code to enter on the screen.
• log back into the account and enter another code to verify your identity.

How to enable two-factor authentication on accounts [The Verge]

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