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Report: RadioShack In The Process Of Closing Around 200 Stores

As rumors continue to swirl that RadioShack’s parent company is preparing to file for bankruptcy, a new report backs that up, and says that the chain is in the process of closing around 200 stores. From the response we’ve gotten from readers asking about the status of their local stores, we aren’t surprised. [More]

Apple Reportedly, Maybe, Possibly Thinking About Bringing iMessage To Android Devices

Apple Reportedly, Maybe, Possibly Thinking About Bringing iMessage To Android Devices

If there’s one feeling that many iOS users share, it’s the anticipatory rush you get when you see those three blinking dots in the iMessage app that means someone is typing (unless they just stop and destroy you entirely). Android users may someday share that distinct emotion, according to renewed buzz. [More]

Joshua B. Leners

Is Google Planning A Ride-Sharing Service To Rival Uber And Lyft?

While everyone is buzzing over a recent report that Google is planning its own ride-sharing service in an attempt to cut a nice slice out of the pie currently enjoyed mostly by Uber and Lyft, the company responded to requests for comment with the kind of non-denial that just makes everyone think something has got to be going on. So what’s the deal? [More]

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Study: All Those Special Ingredients In Energy Drinks Don’t Do A Darn Tootin’ Thing

You’re sleepy, you’re drooping, you need something to perk you up and make you pay attention. Oh look, there’s an energy drink touting a long list of “special” ingredients — that must be the magic answer? Well, not really, says one study: Even though energy drink makers might brag about awakeamine, dontfallasleepaurite or other “special” proprietary concoctions designed to keep you peppy, energy drinks don’t work any better than ordinary caffeine at helping people pay attention. [More]