Quiz: Craft Beer Or Roller Derby Girl?

Image courtesy of inajeep & Mike Matney

If there are two fun, creative groups of folks in this country who just can’t turn away from a good pun, it’s small-time beer brewers and roller derby girls. But can you tell which is which?

There are literally thousands of independent and small-batch brewers slapping their punny brands on bottles, cans, and growlers all over this country, and there are probably just as many women in the U.S. who jam, block, and pivot around the track under an array of awesome assumed names (Shout out to my former roomie Margaret Thrasher!).

Can you sort out the two? Be warned the quiz is not easy, with some of us scoring as poorly as 10%. To make it a little easier, we’ll give you this one tip: There are three questions on this list where “Both” is the definite answer.

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