Mystery Thieves Drive Off With 78,500 Bottles Of Beer

Image courtesy of Thomas Cizauskas

The people who stole almost 3,300 cases of beer from a craft brewery in Atlanta either set out to re-sell the brews, or were out to have an amazing party. Either way, the company, SweetWater Brewing Co., has turned to the public for help, asking stores and consumers to watch for the missing brew, which shady characters might be trying to sell.

About a quarter of the stolen cases were found in a warehouse, but since the company didn’t know where or how it had been stored, the recovered beer will all be destroyed. Two refrigerated trailers full is a lot for a craft brewer, and one of the varieties was a hot-selling seasonal brew with pineapple flavoring called “Goin’ Coastal.” Both trailers were full of pallets of the company’s Summer Variety Pack.

Both trailers were GPS-tagged, but by the time authorities found them, they were empty. Where’s the rest of the beer? It’s likely that whoever stole it plans to resell it, which is why they alerted the beer-drinking public.

Here are the beers you should keep an eye out for, even if you don’t live near Atlanta. The four beers in the variety pack are : 420, IPA, Take Two Pils, and Goin’ Coastal, none of which are also roller derby player names as far as we know. They’ll have expiration dates of September 20 or 21.

If anyone tries to sell you any of these beers at a suspiciously low price, contact the company at 404-691-2537 or email

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