Infiniti Recalls 60K Sedans Over Self-Driving Steering Malfunction

Image courtesy of John

The race to put autonomous vehicle technology in vehicles hit a roadblock for Nissan this week as the carmaker announced the recall of 60,000 vehicles under the Infiniti brand because the adaptive steering system may not work as intended. 

Reuters reports that Infiniti will recall approximately 60,000 Q50 vehicles sold in the U.S. and China after determining that the steering system key to the vehicle’s autonomous driving capabilities can malfunction under certain circumstances.

According to Infiniti, the Q50’s direct adaptive steering system — which allows the vehicle to drive itself under certain situations — can malfunction in “rare circumstances, just after starting the vehicle.”

The issue is related to a software glitch that “can lead to a lack of steering responsiveness and change in turning radius,” a spokesperson for the company says.

Infiniti says it will begin notifying customers of the recall this month and next.

The recall comes a week after Infiniti CEO Roland Krueger said the company planned to include the autonomous steering technology in new models, Reuters reports.

“With this (steering) function, we can offer what we call partial autonomous drive already, so the car above approximately 60 kilometers per hour on the highway can be driven hands free,” he said.

Nissan’s Infiniti recalls 60,000 Q50 sedans over steering issue [Reuters]

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