Nissan Expands Rogue SUV Recall Over Fuel Pump Issues

Image courtesy of frankieleon

Nearly a year after Nissan recalled 76,000 Rogue SUVs because the fuel pump could fail, leading the vehicle to stall, the carmaker is expanding the safety initiative to include almost 47,000 additional cars. 

The recently expanded recall covers certain 2014 Rogue vehicles which may contain a fuel pump that can prevent the engine from starting or cause the engine to stall while the vehicle is being driven.

According to a notice [PDF] posted with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Nissan says the affected fuel pumps have nickel plating that can flake and create loose particles that interfere with the pump’s operation.

While the problem is more likely to prevent the engine from starting, Nissan says it could cause a crash if the engine stops while driving.

The company says the expanded recall was initiated after the company began receiving new warranty data. An analysis of returned parts found that the fuel pumps were experiencing the same issues as those involved in an April 2014 recall.

At that time, Nissan recalled 76,242 model year 2014 Rogue SUVs after the company identified an incident involving a no start condition in the vehicles.

Nissan tells NHTSA in its filing for the most recent recall that Rogue SUVs manufactured after June 7, 2014, are equipped with fuel pumps that contain an improved anodized coating, and that no other Nissan or Infiniti models are affected.

Owners of recalled vehicles will be notified to visit their Nissan dealer, who will replace the fuel pump assembly.

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