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Tesla Accuses Former ‘Autopilot’ Manager Of Stealing Company Secrets

Between safety concerns and a tit-for-tat with a former supplier of parts for its assisted-driving system, Tesla’s Autopilot has been thrust into the spotlight numerous times in the last year. Now, the company is doing battle over the semi-autonomous feature again, this time suing a man who formerly worked as a manager for the division, claiming he stole company secrets to start his own self-driving company.  [More]

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Tesla Fires Back At Mobileye’s Claim It Broke Up With Carmaker Over Autopilot Safety

Yesterday, automotive tech company Mobileye claimed that it stopped providing parts for Tesla’s Autopilot assisted-driving system over concerns the carmaker was “pushing the envelope in terms of safety.” Now Tesla is firing back, saying the breakup occurred because Mobileye was unhappy to learn that Tesla planned to take over manufacturing of some Autopilot components. [More]

NHTSA Is Looking Into Fatal Crash Of Tesla Model S In Autopilot Mode

NHTSA Is Looking Into Fatal Crash Of Tesla Model S In Autopilot Mode

Last fall, Tesla released a beta version of Autopilot, a software upgrade that would let the car take over some driving functions, including steering, cruise control, and lane changes. Today, the company announced some sad news: the first fatal crash in of one of the company’s vehicles while in autopilot mode happened in northern Florida in May. [More]


Infiniti Recalls 60K Sedans Over Self-Driving Steering Malfunction

The race to put autonomous vehicle technology in vehicles hit a roadblock for Nissan this week as the carmaker announced the recall of 60,000 vehicles under the Infiniti brand because the adaptive steering system may not work as intended.  [More]