Twitter Improves Block Feature, Banishing Blocked Users From Seeing Timelines

Nearly three years after Twitter changed its blocking policy to be a bit more stalker-friendly and almost immediately backtracked, the social network is making more changes, rolling out an improvement that aims to close a loophole that allowed blocked users from sneaking into your newsfeed through retweets. 

Twitter announced — fittingly in a Tweet — that it had made blocking more user-friendly in a way to help users control their experience on the network.

As it stands, Twitter offers three tools “mute,” “block,” and “report” buttons that users can employ to avoid harassment or other uncomfortable situations.

However, the network’s previous block feature included two loopholes that allowed blocked users to continue seeing your timeline after someone else you follow retweeted your message.

In one case, when someone you follow retweeted a user you blocked, they could still put the Tweet into your timeline. Additionally, if a follower of someone you blocked retweets you, the blocked user can see that Tweet.

Twitter says those loopholes have been closed, noting that Tweets from blocked users are banished from your timelines and your Tweets become invisible to the blocked person.

However, a quick search shows that if someone’s Tweets are public a blocked user can still see them by signing out of their Twitter account.

“Free expression is in our DNA and people need to feel safe in order to express themselves freely,” the cranny says. “That’s why we offer tools that empower you to control your experience on Twitter.”

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