Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Uncover Ancient Memory Stick At Sears

A “memory stick” sounds like some kind of fascinating tribal artifact, perhaps a staff that elders hold while telling ancient legends. In electronics, of course, it was a revolutionary flash storage device from the late ’90s that made taking digital photos cheaper and easier, eliminating the need to attach a floppy drive to your digital camera. Unless, of course, you’re Sears.


Sears, as part of its ongoing “transformation” into a company that could possibly be “profitable,” is getting rid of departments that it’s no longer good at, which includes electronics. Raider Barroq took this picture either at a Sears that was closing or at one that’s shedding its electronics department. It’s such an ancient artifact that someone had to hand-write a price tag for it, and that price is a comically high one.

The “Raiders of the Lost Walmart,” confusingly, can find retail antiquities at just about any retailer where prices on outdated merchandise have lost touch with reality. Walmart if a frequent site of their excavations, but not the only one.