New Target Store In Manhattan Will Feature A Chobani Yogurt Cafe

Up here in New York’s hinterlands, our Target stores have snack bars with Pizza Hut pizzas, or maybe a Starbucks if they’re really classy. At a planned store in Manhattan’s Tribeca neighborhood, they plan some classier offerings in the snack bar. Target has partnered with yogurt brand Chobani to open a cafe featuring “Chobani’s signature Greek yogurt and hand-selected, artisanal ingredients.”

Those artisanal ingredients will go in typical cafe items like soup, sandwiches, desserts, and coffee drinks, which do not all necessarily contain yogurt. Chobani has another cafe elsewhere in Manhattan, which has been open since 2012 and is apparently successful.

“For us, it’s a sort of a test kitchen for what you’ll see us doing down the road,” Chobani’s chief marketing officer explained in a statement. “For our fans, it’s come to represent an incubation and inspiration destination.” In other news, there are “fans” of specific yogurt brands.

Target has united its mini-stores and other formats under the Target brand, and now calls the smaller stores “flexible format.” The planned 45,000 square foot Tribeca store will have a CVS pharmacy and the Chobani cafe on the ground floor, along with Target’s hippest merchandise. The more mundane discount-store goods, including the grocery section, will be on the lower level.

Get a First Taste of Chobani Café, Opening in Target’s Tribeca Store This Fall [Target] (via Chain Store Age)

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