Overheated iPhone Burns Through 12 Pages Of Notebook Paper

Mobile phones are our constant companions, yet it’s easy to forget that they’re electronic devices packed full of delicate components and tiny but powerful rechargeable batteries. The Cherry Hill, NJ fire department says that this resident’s iPhone 6 overheated and burned through 12 pages of a notebook.



We normally connect incidents like this with faulty chargers or other flaws, but the high school student who owns the phone told the fire department that it wasn’t in use or charging at the time: just sitting on top of an apparently flammable notebook.

Just a few months ago, an iPhone 6 caught fire on an Alaska Airlines flight, but that device was in heavy use watching a movie, and was possibly plugged in at the time. Authorities didn’t know what made that phone suddenly burn up, though.

The fire department notes that you should contact your local firefighters, even if the fire or overheating is under control, so you have an official report to send to the device manufacturer and to the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

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