Amazon’s Alexa Now Available On A Device That Isn’t The Echo Speaker

Alexa is spreading her personal assistant wings. The Amazon Echo mainstay is now available on its first device not produced by Amazon: the Triby, a connected message board of sorts for your home, office, or other destination. 

Triby’s integration of Alexa comes just a month after Amazon announced it had improved developers’ ability to use the personal assistant in their own devices.

Alexa’s presence in the portable voice-controlled hub built by Invoxia works much like it does inside Amazon’s Echo: it can follow simple verbal commands, stream music, connect to other smart devices, and answer inquiries.

“As a company with a speciality in creating speakers and telecoms devices, we are excited by the world of possibilities consumer products like Triby offer families to improve their lives,” Sébastien de la Bastie, managing director of Invoxia, said in a statement.

While Triby and the Echo speaker are similar products, the Triby is more on par with Amazon’s newer Echo Tap or Dot: portable and smaller.

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