NatureBox Expands From Podcast Ads To Store Shelves At Target

NatureBox, a subscription box offering curated selections of healthy(ish) snacks, is a company that you may not be familiar with…unless you’re a fan of podcasts, in which case you’re probably tired of hearing about NatureBox, since they’re a frequent advertiser in that medium. Now the company is reaching out to the rest of the population in a partnership with Target, putting its snacks on store shelves.

Target is working to expand its grocery business, and also to change its food offerings to have less packaged food and more fresh and healthy items: think organic snack foods and craft beer. The company specifically, um, targeted healthy snacks in its quest for more young adult shoppers. NatureBox fits right into that idea, offering snacks that are minimally processed, though whether they’re healthy or not depends on your definition of “healthy.”

The bags, which vary in size according to snack type, will cost $3.99 to $4.99 each. NatureBox will not only make money with retail sales, but promote their subscription business, where five bags for $19.95 or 10 bags for $32.95.

(via Supermarket News)

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