Bluetooth-Enabled Pregnancy Tests Are Now On The Market

Image courtesy of Tsvetomir Tsonev

Is there any everyday item that wouldn’t benefit from adding some electronic components and Bluetooth connectivity? Of course not! That’s why you can now buy, in actual stores, a pregnancy test with Bluetooth connectivity. This is apparently because Millennial women are in their peak child-having years, and are incapable of sitting for three minutes without syncing our smartphones to something.

(Church & Dwight)

(Church & Dwight)

The product actually debuted at CES at the beginning of 2016, but is officially hitting the market this week. It comes from Church & Dwight’s First Response, and looks pretty much like a regular pregnancy test. The suggested retail price is $14.99 to $21.99, and it comes with the plastic test and a code to unlock content in the company’s pregnancy app.

The immediate purpose of the app seems to be keeping users busy, while they wait for the results. If the user is pregnant, the app gives information about fetal development. If she isn’t, it serves as her guide into a whole network of First Response brand fertility-related products, ranging from gummy vitamins to conception-friendly personal lubricants.

First Response doesn’t have its own Bluetooth-enabled ovulation test yet, but surely someone out there does.

During the very long three minutes, the app gives the user a choice of ways to pass the time. It can show calming videos of ocean waves and guide her through breathing exercises. It can show educational information and give quizzes about fertility. The third option is probably the best, offering videos with cooking tips and adorable animals.

Perhaps some users will be panicked enough that they don’t remember where to find their own cute animal videos, but other than that, this Internet of Things To Pee On seems kind of unnecessary.

(via Drug Store News)

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