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Tsvetomir Tsonev

Bluetooth-Enabled Pregnancy Tests Are Now On The Market

Is there any everyday item that wouldn’t benefit from adding some electronic components and Bluetooth connectivity? Of course not! That’s why you can now buy, in actual stores, a pregnancy test with Bluetooth connectivity. This is apparently because Millennial women are in their peak child-having years, and are incapable of sitting for three minutes without syncing our smartphones to something. [More]

(Adam Ondi)

Researchers Offering Pregnancy Tests In Bar Bathrooms With Message On Dangers Of Drinking While Expecting

Gum, mints, lotion and pregnancy tests. All things you could likely find in bar and restaurant bathrooms in Alaska soon, as researchers will be offering the tests for free to women to see if they can raise public awareness about the dangers of drinking while expecting. [More]


You’re Having A Baby! Or At Least, The Woman Who Sold Her Pregnancy Test On Craigslist Is

Need to play a hilarious (read: Maybe not actually funny) joke on your significant other? Want to freak out that guy who dumped you via Twitter? Or maybe you’re trying to find a cash-friendly way to recycle your positive pregnancy test. There’s apparently a flourishing online market for those little sticks saying you’re about to become a parent, which is either chuckle-worthy or really troubling. [More]


It Is Our Journalistic Duty To Ask You If People Are Seriously Peeing On Stolen Pregnancy Tests Right There In The Aisle

We came across something today on the ever-surprising Internets that has our brains doing whatnows and ohnotheydidnts all over the place, and we need your help to get a handle on the situation. Specifically — ahem — are people really stealing pregnancy tests and peeing on them right there in the aisle? [More]