Alleged Shoplifter Gets Caught, Guzzles Flea Medicine

Image courtesy of Mike Kalasnik

A man at a Menards store in Michigan was caught carrying 19 boxes of K9 Advantix, a flea and tick preventive medication for dogs, past all of the cash registers, and security staff swooped in. Security staff accused him of shoplifting and contacted the police, but the suspect decided that he would rather go to the hospital instead.

According to the police report, he was confined to a separate room because security staff believed that he may have a knife. While waiting for the cops to show up, be began opening and drinking the flea medication: which, we should emphasize, is a topical medication meant for dogs. No one should drink it, even if they do have fleas.

He also had an unidentified white pill, which the security staff couldn’t prevent him from swallowing once they saw him put it in his mouth. That earned him the trip to the hospital that he wanted.

The 19 boxes of flea medicine were valued at $239.90. The man said that he planned to sell him to pay his rent.

Alleged shoplifter ‘ticks’ off security [Michigan City News-Dispatch]

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