Police: Real Life Hamburglar Breaks Into Five Guys, Cooks Himself A Snack

Image courtesy of DC Metro Police Department

In yet another episode that shows real life hamburglars are walking among us, police say a man made himself the sixth guy at a Five Guys restaurant, breaking into the joint at night and cooking himself a bite to eat.

Law enforcement in Washington D.C. are on the hunt for a “person of interest” who was caught on video walking into a closed Five Guys in March, reports The Washington Post, and fired up the grill.

Police so far have not been able to confirm his meal choice, though it appears he’s intent on making burgers.

“He cooked food. I don’t know if he made a hamburger or not,” a police representative said.

He added that the man apparently snuck inside after a delivery person left, poking around at a Coke machine, before turning on the grill as he seems to chat on his cell phone and getting down to business.

In another indication that he may be a hamburglar, he appears to throw a few buns on the heat as part of his cooking process. Cops say he eventually stole a bottle of water.

The incident is being investigated as a burglary.

Hungry burglar in D.C. fires up Five Guys grill [The Washington Post]

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