Honda Financial Services Really Sorry They Double-Billed Customers

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

If you can’t get through to Honda Financial Services, the automaker’s U.S. financing arm, don’t be surprised: they’re currently dealing with a double-debiting fiasco affecting customers who submit payments online. Some customers report that their accounts have overdrafted due to the unexpected double payments.

To no one’s surprise, customers who try to contact Honda by phone aren’t able to get through, reporting lengthy hold times or they’re simply unable to connect. If you can’t get through to Honda, contact your bank instead to let them know about the extra payment posted in error. Hondas and dealer financing are both so popular that they probably are already aware of the problem.

Unfortunately, Honda Financial Services doesn’t have a solid answer yet about what happened or how many customers it affected, but they did acknowledge the problem on Facebook. “Our offices are experiencing high call volume which has overwhelmed the system,” they announced. It’s good to know that a problem affects everyone else, too, but that’s not very comforting to customers who have been hit with overdrafts.


“We have a team working feverishly on it,” a Honda Financial Services representative told Automotive News. “We’ll update our customers as more information becomes available.” For now, maybe they’re just worried about answering all of the phone calls. Beat the queue: contact your bank directly.

If you want to share anything about your experience with this incident, our mailbox is open.

Update: Honda announced this evening on Facebook (where else?) that they’ve identified the affected accounts, and will begin issuing refunds tomorrow, Thursday, April 7. “Any fees caused by this error will be waived or reimbursed, and we will assist customers with credit concerns,” the company says. They did not announce how many accounts have been affected.

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