Company Sells $25K Worth Of Windows With Lifetime Warranty, Disappears

Image courtesy of CBS Sacramento

The trouble with “lifetime” warranties is that they often leave out an important detail: whose lifetime? That’s what a homeowner in California wonders now that her windows are bending away from them frame and generally failing at being windows. Now she can’t find the company that installed $25,000 worth of windows in her home only 9 years ago, or the company that actually manufactured the windows.

The homeowner did what people in Sacramento traditionally do in this situation: she called consumer reporter Kurtis Ming at the local CBS affiliate. She wondered what she should do now that her windows were bending, and the “lifetime” warranty was a big selling point when she had them installed.


The company promised to stand behind the windows as long as she owns or lives in her home, but the contact information that she had for the manufacturer, Superior Engineered Products, led nowhere.

In her case, there was good news. The company that installed her windows had gone out of business, but the manufacturer actually didn’t. They had merged with another window company, and the new owners were actually honoring warranties… or at least said that they were when a local news station came calling.

Call Kurtis: Where’s The Company That Offered Lifetime Warranty On My $25,000 Windows? [CBS Sacramento]

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