Uber Ditching Email Support In Favor Of In-App Help Options

Image courtesy of afagen

Uber customers and drivers will no longer be able to reach the company by way of a support email address — a system many customers were frustrated with in the first place — as the company is switching to an in-app tool for troubleshooting and reporting issues.

Uber is phasing out the support@uber.com email address that drivers and passengers have used to report lost items, unruly customers and troublesome drivers, and other issues. Want to know your passenger rating? The app will provide that information instantly with the new feature.

By moving customer support over to its app, Uber says response times will go down and customer satisfaction will go up. In fact, both are already true, Uber claims, adding that customer service has increased 10% since it began rolling out the feature.

“Ultimately, our goal is to create a product that’s so great you never need to contact customer service,” Uber says in the announcement. “In the meantime, we’re doubling down on our technology so that when you need to get in touch, it’s as quick and easy as getting a ride.”

Customers and drivers will be able to follow up on their issues using the app, or via email notifications if that’s still your preferred method.

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