Fuel Pump

Eric Arnold

Volkswagen Recalls 281,000 Vehicles Because Engines Should Work

It’s fairly difficult to get from point A to point B when the engine in your car suddenly stalls. For that reason, Volkswagen recalled nearly 281,000 vehicles that could contain a fuel pump issue.  [More]

(Kenny Lannert)

BMW Recalls 136K Vehicles Over Stalling Issues

You can’t go anywhere — or at least get far — if the engine in your car stalls. For that reason, BMW recalled more than 135,000 vehicles that could contain a wiring issue.  [More]


Nissan Expands Rogue SUV Recall Over Fuel Pump Issues

Nearly a year after Nissan recalled 76,000 Rogue SUVs because the fuel pump could fail, leading the vehicle to stall, the carmaker is expanding the safety initiative to include almost 47,000 additional cars.  [More]

Ralph Krawczyk Jr

Chrysler Adds 467,000 Vehicles To 2014 Recall Of Jeep, Durango SUVs With Fuel Pump Issues

Nearly five months after Fiat Chrysler issued a recall of 230,000 Dodge and Jeep SUVs for fuel pump issues that could lead to a vehicle stall, the company expanded the number of affected vehicles by more than 467,000. [More]