Volkswagen Recalls 281,000 Vehicles Because Engines Should Work

Image courtesy of Eric Arnold

It’s fairly difficult to get from point A to point B when the engine in your car suddenly stalls. For that reason, Volkswagen recalled nearly 281,000 vehicles that could contain a fuel pump issue. 

Volkswagen announced recently the recall of 280,915 model year 2009 to 2016 CC and model year 2006 to 2010 Passat and Passat Wagon vehicles.

According to a notice [PDF] with the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, an interruption of electrical power to the fuel pump control module may occur, causing the fuel pump to fail.

If this occurs, the vehicle can lose power while driving and stall unexpectedly, increasing the risk of a crash.

Conversely, the issue could also cause the fuel pump to run continuously, resulting in a drained vehicle battery.

The carmaker says it is unaware of any injuries or crashes related to the issue.

Volkswagen notes that parts to repair the vehicles are currently unavailable. However, the company mail interim notices to customers starting Oct. 13.

Owners may contact Volkswagen customer service at 1-800-893-5298.

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